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Using the Mission Monde curriculum has been a great way to get the students introduced to the French language. With easy to follow guidelines and step-by-step lesson plans, the curriculum works really well for almost any setting. As for the students, they thoroughly enjoy this curriculum since it has many creative ways of exposing them to the language and its culture. It’s set up in such a way that it helps the students realize that knowing languages help with spreading the Gospel as well… something that is not often mentioned or stressed as important in other curriculums. The students end each year with a rich, increased foundation of the French language and are pleasantly surprised with how much they have learned and retained over the year. C.G. Ontario

“As a homeschooling family, we have thoroughly enjoyed Mission Monde 1 & 2. I had been very concerned about finding a program that taught grammar, vocabulary and writing and Mission Monde was this and so much more.  Our children really enjoy the exercises and learning from the perspective of the MKs in the workbook.  As a homeschooling parent, I really appreciate the Christian content, the mission focus (wonderful!) and the focus on French history.   I have noticed a definite improvement in the French skills of our children and this past year my 11 year old’s favourite class was French!  We are very excited to begin MM 3 this coming year! ” J.M. Quebec.

“I have been thoroughly enjoying teaching the Mission Monde program to my students. The lesson plans are very easy to follow. The students’ workbooks are written in a clear, easy to understand manner. The Christian component is an awesome addition to the French program. Students not only learn a variety of French skills, they also are exposed to relevant Biblical truths. The accompanying CD is very helpful as students follow along to the text being read aloud in their workbooks. I also love the part the Mission Monde publishers have created study guides and tests for each unit. The supplementary worksheets are also very beneficial and help reinforce the skills the students have just been taught. Great Program!
L.C.S. Killarney, Manitoba

The one day Primary French Workshop has been most helpful! I have built up a considerable Primary French curriculum library over the years. French with a Mission is the one that I have been waiting for and am eager to begin teaching from it in September! Thank you for your Christian witness, for sharing with us your journey and perspective.
Tine (OACTA Workshop)

I just wanted to tell you again how happy my teachers, students AND parents are with your French curriculum. You now will have a lifetime customer with Cornerstone since we have decided to implement that as part of our permanent curriculum!
Cornerstone Preparatory School (ACSI)

We just had parent interviews and all our parents really like the new Mission Monde Workbooks and the Mission ABC Books for their young ones. I myself, am so excited about starting Mission Monde books that I can barely wait to finish this year and begin the next. I have already told some of my younger students about the new books and they are also looking forward to them. You are so special and you are used to answer prayers of many Christian teachers all over who have been praying for Christian books. Then you go the extra mile and provide Mission-focused Christian books. Thank you, Merci.

V.C.S. The students are absolutely loving the French curriculum. It’s an exciting program that really reflects their faith. It’s also great because it’s so real to them.
Renfrew Christian School (OACS)

I am truly enjoying teaching this year. Following through with the program “Mission Monde” is exciting and I believe motivating for the students.