No French? No Problem!


Be ready for High School French in one year or catch up to your FSL grade level with ease!

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This is a reproducible resource that is a fast track to learning French up to a grade 8 level.  If you have a student coming in who has had no previous French or is weak compared to his grade level, walk him through this customised curriculum until he reaches his appropriate grade level.  With the CD, the students will be able to independently work at their own speed. There are 12 units which build on each other.  Each unit will add new vocabulary, grammar concepts and tense practice while repeating and reviewing previous lessons. Tests and Answer Key Supplied.

Audio CD

This is the audio CD that goes with the  NFNP worksheets.  Some schools would like students to purchase their own copy of the CD so they can practice it at home.

Binder and CD

Hard copy of the worksheets and an audio CD.

Date CD

Blackline master of all the worksheets, including the MP3s of the CD tracks.