Mission Monde Teacher’s Manual


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MISSION MONDE is a complete curriculum designed for Christian schools for grades 4-10.   Mission Monde  brings an element of cross-cultural adventure and a unique missions emphasis into the French classroom.  Each grade level of MM is focused on a French or Spanish speaking place and a real missionary family with children in the same grade.  Students will visit France, Burundi, and Québec, or Spain, Colombia and Ecuador among other places.    MISSION MONDE has a Student Workbook, a Teacher’s Manual, a CD and double sided vocabulary flashcards for each level.

This is a unique curriculum which will challenge and intrigue both your teachers and students.  We have been told that French has soon become the students favourite subject as they read about real missionary stories all over the world and are able to see how many adventures they could take if they could just speak another language.

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The Teacher’s Manual has 5 sections:

Section I – Classroom Management (TESTS & Answer Key)
Section II – Lesson Plans
Section  III – Extra Reproducible Worksheets
Section IV – Teacher’s Aid
> reproducible Bingo Games & pronoun flashcards
> French/English verb or adjective flashcards
> phonetic flashcards
Section V – Teacher’s Workbook & Answer  Key