Mission ABC Teacher’s Manual


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MISSION ABC launches students into discovering the French Language from Kindergarten to grade 2.  It has one Teacher’s Manual for all four levels which includes activities, reproducible games, songs and integrated review lessons.   A  CD  which covers all four student workbooks and a 100 vocabulary flashcards (optional) which are  available to complement this curriculum.

The Teacher’s Manual for Mission (or Mision) ABC offers activities, games, songs and integrated review lessons so that the students are building up their vocabulary each class.  The students love their little workbooks where they do coloring, matching and read simple French stories.  They can bring these home to their parents and show them all the French words they are learning.  Every 10 lessons there is a small oral test in the student workbook to keep track of the students’ progress.  There are 20 lessons per student workbook.

Subjects covered: Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Colours, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Seasons, Food, Animals, Body Parts, Classroom Vocabulary, Prepositions, Family Words, Telling Time, Emotions, Weather, House Words, Clothing, Continents, Transportation, Buildings, Sports, Instruments, Pronouns, and Verbs être and avoir.

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